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AL'MA GMC Nagpur


Welcome to Alma GMC Nagpur 

Jai Ho GMC, Nagpur! Thank you for making the 77th Foundation Day celebration of our esteemed Alma Mater, Government Medical College, Nagpur, a grand success. It was a memorable event that brought together alumni from various walks of life to reconnect, share stories, and celebrate the rich legacy of our beloved institution.

Event Highlights:

  • Inaugural Ceremony
  • Addresses by Alumni Guest of Honors and Chief Guest, Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee IAS
  • Panel Discussion on “In the Platinum Jubilee Year, Alumni to be Uniform & United in Giving Back 2 GMC, Nagpur”
  • Art of Brush & Canvas Exhibition
  • Musical Program: “गीत गाता चल ओ साथी गूनगूनाता चल – A walk through melody lane”
  • Drinks & Divinity, followed by Dawat -e- GMC, Nagpur (Dinner)

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the core team, Dr. Jyoti Lagoo, Dr. Arun Patil & Team, Dr. B.K. Murali & Team, Dr. Devyani Soman, Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran, Dr. Kranti Gawali, Dr. Neelam Patil, and many others who worked tirelessly to make the event a resounding success.

As we approach the Platinum Jubilee of our Alma Mater, let’s continue to collaborate, create, and excel in our respective fields, making our institution proud. Stay tuned for upcoming events and initiatives to strengthen our bond and support the development of GMC Nagpur.


Our Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Vaibhav Bhanawat

Founder, AL’MA


Latest Members of AL'MA

Welcome to AL'MA, Alumni medical association GMC Nagpur

We all are privileged to be associated with Government Medical College, Nagpur – our alma mater as alumni. The GMC Nagpur- the name evokes the irresistible urge to talk about the glorious era of our time. We all feel nostalgic when we remember the time we spent at the college campus.

The GMC Nagpur has around 15,000 Alumni spread across the globe. The battalion of our alumni have excellent academicians, the clinicians, and social reformers. Some of us have opted for civil and defense services whereas few are politicians. In the member area, we have grouped our members in different categories for the ease of locating them. We have many famous and illustrious distinguished alumni from our Alma mater but we rarely get a chance to meet them or interact. The younger generation might not have even heard about many of them. Unfortunately, we never had an exclusive Alumni gathering in the past.

The ‘AL’MA’ website will serve as a common platform to know each other.

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